[A] For time:
15 push presses
5 rope ascents
12 push presses
4 rope ascents
9 push presses
3 rope ascents
6 push presses
2 rope ascents
3 push presses
1 rope ascent

Use ¾ body weight for push presses and climb a 15-ft. rope.

[B] AMRAP 10 mins
10 Left Kettlebell Snatch, 24kg (16kg)
10m Left Kettlebell Overhead Walk, 24kg (16kg)
10 Right Kettlebell Snatch, 24kg (16kg)
10m Right Kettlebell Overhead Walk, 24kg (16kg) 

[C] GHD Situps
3 sets of 25
Scale as required

Photo Credit: Wendy Swift