What is it: The OPEN is a world-wide CrossFit competition done at your local box. A workout is announced on Friday at 10am (starting this week). This happens every week for 5 weeks. At the end of the 5 weeks the highest ranking athletes progress to the next level of competition. It is very exciting and is a great way to try out your first competition. To register  go to games.crossfit.com, and select CrossFit Noosa as your affiliate. Also, be sure to select CrossFit Noosa as your "Team".

The Competition: Will be held at CrossFit Noosa on Friday afternoon starting this week (and every Friday for the 5 week duration). The gym opens at 4pm, the first heat is 5:30pm. You will be given a warm up that you are responsible for completing in time for your heat. Ben, Matt and Shane will be there to guide you on strategy and scaling, and to cheer you through.

Heats: Will be posted on Friday afternoon on the CrossFit Noosa facebook page and at the Gym. Contact Wendy if you need a specific heat time (early or late) or if you are not registered but still want to do the workout on Friday. Friends and family are welcome as we will need lots of support and yelling! If you can't make Friday that’s no problem.  You can do the WOD after class on Saturday (from 8am), or organise a time to come in on Monday to complete the WOD. Contact Wendy via email wendy@crossfitbrisbane.com to organise a time.

Judges: Everyone that has signed up for the open will need to be judged. Every year we take turns judging each other and verifying scores by signing off for your fellow athletes. You will be in charge of counting reps and making sure that the standards of the movements are met. Matt will brief the movement standards prior to the workout. You can also find all the details online at games.crossfit.com, as soon as the workout is announced!

CrossFit Noosa Non-registered Athletes: If you don’t want to do the workout but don’t wish to register for the Competition, you can still join in on Friday afternoon. As a non-registered athlete you will not require a judge. Simply let Wendy know you are coming to the gym so you will be allocated a place in a heat. Friday afternoon will ONLY be the Open workout each week. If you wish to be involved but don’t want to compete - come on down to the gym and help with judging, cheering and supporting. CrossFit Noosa Teens are welcome to join us on Friday afternoon and will be in the first heat at 5:30am. Teens must confirm with Ben each week if they need a heat on Friday.

All registered athletes will need to submit their scores online at games.crossfit.com by Tuesday 10am each week. It is advised that you submit your score as soon as you complete your workout so that you don’t forget or get caught in the last minute online traffic. If you have not yet registered, go to games.crossfit.com, and select CrossFit Noosa as your Affiliate and as your "Team". You can register any time up until the close of scoring on Tuesday 28th Feb. Remember there is an RX division and a Scaled division. This is just like any other day in the gym, where you choose the workout appropriate for your level. You can be a ‘scaled’ athlete one week and an ‘RX’d’ athlete another week.

CrossFit is a wonderful community. The OPEN is the one time of the year when our community from all around the world comes together to share the same workouts, stories, experiences, and achievements. Don’t miss out! See you Friday arvo. Best of all - Matt is shouting beers at the gym after each Open WOD on Friday night!